Vizag Alpha Crew

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

Aashish Pakalapati
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Aashish is a firm believer in the Bible wisdom that says "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed." Upliftment of the underprivileged is a theme close to his heart and having observed the monumental service that a group of young men under the banner of Round Table India were performing; An Architect by education, he now manages his family's port, shipping and logistics business.

Dr Ajay Shankar Kar
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Dr.Ajay is the charter Chairman of Vizag Alpha. A doctor by profession, he works as a consultant in Cornea and Refractive surgery in Seven Hills hospital, Visakhapatnam. Dr. Ajay is passionate about writing and has authored two novels, 'Way Back I Love' and 'MD/MS-Mad Doctors Mad Struggle'.

Raj Ratan Poosarla
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Raj is the charter secretary of Vizag Alpha. He did his MS in Mechanical Design from Scotland and now runs his family business. A talented sportsperson, he is the best badminton player in Vizag Alpha. As the table secretary, he takes care of all the business meetings and makes sure that all the tablers are kept up to date with Round Table India and its activities.

Mukund Holani
Supply House Convenor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Mukund is an avid philatelist & numismatist; a collector of coins & stamps. But now as a tabler he is totally into tabling memorabilia. He deals in construction machinery & power tools. He is currently the Supply House convener of Vizag Alpha.

Saket Ram Chowdary
FellowShip Convernor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Saket Ram, the ‘strong and silent’ one of the group is also an Alpha Fellowship convener. He ensures that the entire alpha crew bonds and matures in their relationships. He did his PG in IDP Marketing and Global Business Management at the famed UC Berkeley. His business interests are in BPCL RO, real estate and finance. An adventurer at heart he has tried sky diving, bungee jumping and river rafting. Last but not the least he is a fitness freak and the table’s Schwarzenegger. Check out this video

Nishant Singhal
FellowShip Convernor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Nishant is an entrepreneur who has completed his post-graduation from Cardiff University. He is in the business of plywood manufacturing; is a big FOODIE and loves travelling. His main role in Vizag Alpha is to organise spectacular fellowships for his fellow tablers and create a special bond between the tabler's families.

Avinash Vungarala
Twinklers Convenor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Avinash completed his Master in Microelectronics from Australia and is now running his own business as a tempered glass processor. Vizag Alpha, remarkably, has almost 20 twinklers and Tr.Avinash takes very good care of them as the Twinklers Convener. He plans awesome twinkler's activities and keeps them asking for more.

Sunny Karnani
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Single and handsome, Tr.Sunny takes care of the finances as the charter Treasurer of Vizag Alpha & was selected as a Super Treasurer for 1st quarter of 2017-18. He is fun loving and 'totally' dedicated to the welfare of the table. He has completed a BBA from Gitam University and takes care of the family business (toys & baby care). He is a hookah lover and a professional poker player.

Murali Krishna Vaddi
Projects Convenor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Murali is a projects convener in Vizag Alpha who has completed an MS & an MBA. By profession, he is a civil contractor and a partner at Navya Constructions. He is a Netflix buff who likes to watch popular TV series whenever he is free and loves eating and cooking. This marathon enthusiast recently flew all the way to Amsterdam to participate in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon.

Sarath Nalla
Community Services & Projects Convenor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Sarath who is a fun loving guy and the life of the party strongly believes that we are here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve the needy. With this conviction he became the Community Service convener of Alpha. He is a self-made entrepreneur who runs his own IT services company and has completed his Masters in Multimedia from Australia. In fact this website,, is his brain child.

Venkat Sushrutha
FellowShip & Projects Convenor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Susrutha is an entrepreneur with business interests in Seafood processing & exports and post-harvest storages for Agri commodities. He has completed his masters in management from Symbiosis (SCMHRD), Pune. He presently owns and runs two companies - Arya Seafoods Pvt. Ltd. and Sai Krishna Agro Cold Storages Pvt. Ltd. He is a sports lover and doesn't skip an opportunity to participate in various sports and games. His role in RTI is that of an active tabler, always eager and positive to take up new assignments that shall serve for the upliftment of the society.

Sumit Ramsisaria
Community Service Convenor
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Sumit is an MBA graduate from Symbiosis, Pune and runs his business that deals in the recycling old lead acid battery scrap and the manufacturing of lead, pigments, battery parts and complete batteries.
His motto in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, hard work and some style. This is what makes him a complete and successful businessman.

Dr. Suman Grandhi
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Dr.Suman is an urologist consultant at Care Hospital. He is an exceptional cricketer and loves attending the fellowships despite his busy schedule.

Midhun Kommana
Projects Convener
Vizag Alpha RT 305

Tr.Midhun is one of the most intelligent of the Alphas and had completed his Bachelors of Engineering and worked for 7 years at IBM before he resigned and started his entrepreneurship career in, this, his city of destiny, Visakhapatnam and has gone on to become one of its most acclaimed builders.

Raj Patel
LAPD Convenor

Tr. Rajesh is an MBA graduate from London and started Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes in Vizag. He loves to hang out with friends and family. Not to forget, he is a professional photographer.

Madhur Mittal
Vizag Alpha RT 305
Vizag Alpha RT 305
Karan Nagpal
Vizag Alpha RT 305