FELLOWSHIP is one of the corner-stones on which the Tabling movement is built; it is Friendship, it is Honesty with your peers, it is enlargement of perspective, and it is also the force behind the similarity of roots. It is not a ritual or an end in itself; it is the means to a larger purpose in life. When one enjoys the company of their friends, the group can achieve wonders in performing Community Service.

The Round Table movement offers its members the fellowship of young men from different walks of life. It gives an opportunity to broaden their horizons beyond the borders or race, creed or country and allows interaction with young men of different nationalities. It enables its members and their families to mingle with thousands of other people that belong to the same age group.

Tablers organize get-togethers (often called Socials), Festive meets, Picnics, Parents Day, Buddies Night, Men’s Cook Out, Film shows, Sports meets etc., which involve the families. A Tabler enjoys the rare joy of belonging to a socially active international group where everyone is a close friend, and life assumes a new meaning.

The motto of Round Table India – Adopt, Adapt and Improve, strives to convey the humanitarian spirit of the organization’s more than 43,000 members. Strong fellowship among Tablers, building a meaningful community, and contributing towards community service projects are elements that characterize Round Table India.